Physical Security GSX 2018 Exhibit Hall: An Interactive Learning LabGP0|#cd529cb2-129a-4422-a2d3-73680b0014d8;L0|#0cd529cb2-129a-4422-a2d3-73680b0014d8|Physical Security;GTSet|#8accba12-4830-47cd-9299-2b34a43444652018-09-25T04:00:00ZGSX Daily Staff<p>​Formerly the ASIS International Annual Seminar and Exhibits, Global Security Exchange (GSX) elevated the event experience with modernized education, revitalized networking, and a reimagined exhibit floor that allows attendees to exchange key ideas and best practices, expand global connections, and experience new innovations. The modernized exhibit hall has been transformed into a learning lab environment featuring dozens of education sessions, product demonstrations, and career development opportunities. These features will allow attendees to experience a wide variety of integrated solutions in person while getting up-close and hands-on with the latest technology applications.</p><p>New this year, X-Learning is comprised of three learning stages, each with its own style and content, and designed to offer the security practitioner something unique. The X Stage (#4042) offers dynamic and bleeding-edge educational tracks, panels, and discussions focused on frontier technology, innovation, and the future of security.</p><p>The Xperience Stage (#135) showcases case studies, evidence of effectiveness, and the argument for efficiency. </p><p>For those interested in town hall style discussions and debates around current security challenges and var­ious applications of technology and procedure, head over to the Xcelerated Exchange Stage (#157). </p><p>These sessions are free to all attendees and provide an opportunity to investigate innovative ideas and solutions in a more intimate setting. A complete list of X-Learning sessions can be found in the GSX mobile app.</p><p>Also new this year is the GSX D3 Xperience: Drones, Droids, Defense (#5602). In this exciting feature area supported by the Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International, attendees can see demonstrations of the latest unmanned aircraft platforms, counter unmanned aerial systems, ground-based robots interacting with humans, and unmanned aerial vehicles operated in Vegas by flying patrols in San Francisco. </p><p>Attendees may also take their own turn at the commands to pilot a drone through the "gauntlet" and win a DJI Phantom Pro system. The GSX D3 learning theater also provides free education sessions on real-world applications, implications, and challenges that come with these innovations. </p><p>For those looking to recharge and refuel, several lounges will be available on the exhibit floor. </p><p>The Con-X-tions Lounge (#4040) is open to all attendees and will provide a place to continue the conversation from the X-Learning stages, while also recharging, relaxing, and networking with peers. </p><p>The Certification Lounge (#3189) is open to all ASIS board certification holders, and the CSO Lounge (#890) is available to members of the CSO Center. The Diamond Club Lounge, hosted by Security Xchange (#399A), is an exclusive lounge for qualified buyers and exhibitors to connect for critical business networking and meetings. </p><p>In addition, the International Trade Center (#115) will serve as the focal point for security buyer delegations. All attendees and exhibitors are welcome to stop by to connect with trade experts, learn more about the U.S. Department of Commerce B2B matchmaking services, and build relationships with colleagues from all corners of the globe.</p><p>A complete list of activities and sessions taking place in the exhibit hall is available in the Show Guide and in the GSX mobile app.</p> AI State of Mind Maison Smart Community Powered by Mivatek Cloud,-Individual-Wellness.aspx2018-08-01T04:00:00ZOrganizational Health, Individual Wellness Fraudster Down the Hall Fraudians Slip In Unique Threat of Insiders Shooting Demonstrates Vulnerabilities Of Run Hide Fight Response.aspx2018-06-29T04:00:00ZNewsroom Shooting Highlights Challenges of Securing Open Offices Charleston International Airport Modernizes Security with Pivot3 Chain Company Makes Access Control a Priority,-Secure-Spaces.aspx2018-09-01T04:00:00ZOpen Doors, Secure Spaces Parking Improves Fleet Management with Key Management Solutions Maison Smart Community Powered by Mivatek Cloud Ways VMS Solutions Enhance Municipal Surveillance End Benefits of Remote Monitoring and Services IT Innovations are Changing the Security Market Manipulation in Violence Prevention,-Individual-Wellness.aspx2018-08-01T04:00:00ZOrganizational Health, Individual Wellness Balk on Bud,-Unarmed-Officer.aspx2018-04-01T04:00:00ZActive Assailant, Unarmed Officer Risk with Regular System Audits Review: Financial Investigations on Delivery the Bar: Food Defense Chain Company Makes Access Control a Priority Review: Supply Chain Security