Diebold’s Responsive Banking Concept Enhances ATM Security and Service

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Diebold’s Responsive Banking Concept Enhances ATM Security and Service

Diebold has fielded an array of new technologies and capabilities in what the company describes as a branch transformation solution. The solution, unveiled at last month's Money 20/20 conference in Las Vegas, consists of an ATM that weaves innovations in security, design, technology, user experience research, and feedback from financial institutions. Diebold describes the result as four distinct "experience zones" designed to blur the lines between face-to-face, online, and mobile banking. Security technologies such as IP video, privacy glass, and directional audio are key factors in the solution.

Customers are initially greeted with video tower walls designed to attract passersby with dynamic content management. The kiosks use near-field communication, proximity sensors, and motion detection to securely identify customers. Cardless transactions are authenticated by smart phones that then become the primary user interface for the banking transaction. Those without smart phones can still use 19-inch touch monitors that protect sensitive information with a privacy filter that limits visibility of sensitive information. A smaller secondary touch screen on a lower work service provides an even greater degree of privacy and accommodates customers with accessibility requirements.

Customers unfamiliar with the service or who have more complex transactions are able to bring up additional assistance in the form of and "intelligent" avatar that uses natural language recognition to interact with the customer and handle more advanced tasks. Customers are also able to connect through two-way video with remote financial advisors who can provide the personal consulting previously only available in a branch location.

The responsive banking concept is intended for high-traffic areas such as transportation hubs, shopping centers, and retail locations. Another use case in the financial sector is branch lobbies, affording customers more accustomed to banking in a branch with an opportunity to have bank staff assist as needed and facilitate the transition.

"All of our customers are engaged in branch transformation projects aimed at transforming their branch networks to be more cost effective while better promoting their products and services," says Devon Watson, Vice President of New Business & Solution Incubation for Diebold. For such in-lobby uses, Diebold offers a app that from which bank staff to monitor operations such as cash levels and assist customers whose transactions are taking longer than average.