Accolades Entries Spotlight Innovation

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Accolades Entries Spotlight Innovation

ASIS Accolades, a highly respected awards competition from ASIS International, recognizes new ventures that are destined to become security mainstays. At today's Networking Luncheon, ASIS President Dave Davis, CPP, will announce the ten winners of the Accolades "Security's Best" awards.

​This summer, exhibitors were invited to submit products and services introduced within the past year. In their submissions, companies were asked to describe a problem with existing security technologies, then tell how their new product or service solved the problem or addressed a void. The entries included an analysis of the innovative features of the product or service to help the judges in their deliberations.

A team of judges represented end users as well as experts in physical and information security evaluated the entries. The judges will also single out at least one product for a Judge's Choice Award.

People's Choice. Remember, you have until 4:30 p.m. on Tuesday to make your selection for the People's Choice Award. Just stop by the booth where your top choice is on display and cast your ballot. After all the votes have been tallied, the winner will be announced at the Wednesday's General Session.

The following list includes the 25 companies that contributed 35 2015 Accolades entries. Each product or service will be featured at the exhibitor's booth and in the Accolades Showcase, booth 3379.



Booth 1315
bAlert IoT Security Commander

This product is a comprehensive IoT-based security incident management and response platform in the cloud built for the enterprise. The bAlert Mobile Reporter delivers the perfect "see something, say something" companion mobile app, allowing employees to instantly report security and safety issues from their mobile devices.



Booth 4055
AMS IoT Platform for Enterprise Security with Hybrid Gunshot Detection & Escalation

The AmikaA® Mobility Server (AMS), an intelligent security platform, addresses IoT device discovery, monitoring, auctioning while monitoring and analyzing tracking massive user alert/response location. AMS processes thousands of simultaneous events from disparate sensors, including gunshot detectors or recipients triggering cascading alert or response in real-time to any communication layer, any device leveraging hybrid on-premise or cloud escalation.



Booth 3601
IN100 AperioA® Wireless Lock

From ASSA ABLOY Group brands Corbin Russwin and SARGENT, this wireless lock offers the convenience and flexibility of AperioA wireless technology with the real-time communication of online access control. The next generation lock also provides simultaneous support for multiple credential types, and HID Mobile AccessA® powered by SeosA®.



Booth 3101
Axis A8105-E

This product is a discreet, yet powerful network video door station. It operates as a communication device and full-fledged security camera at the same time, providing HDTV video, audio identification, two-way communication, and remote entry control as an intrinsic part of video surveillance.



Booth 3101
Axis Companion Line

The AXIS Companion Line is a complete out-of-the-box IP-based video surveillance solution specifically designed to address the unique security needs of small businesses. It delivers enterprise-level quality hardware and software in a solution built around simplicity and reliability, which are critical features for today's small business owner.



Booth 3101
Axis Perimeter Defender

This product is a scalable and flexible video analytics application for intrusion detection in the enterprise market. It provides maximum accuracy, efficiency, and scalability and is capable of detecting multiple events occurring simultaneously, analyzing those events, weeding out non-threatening ones, and notifying security staff of potentially critical situations.



Booth 2573
CyberKey BLE smart key

This Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) smart key is the newest addition to the Generation II CyberKey family. New low energy Bluetooth technology enables longer battery life and permits wireless updating of schedules, permissions, and access events when the key is paired to a smartphone or tablet


Booth 2573

FlashLock uses serial optical communications technology combined with any hand-held device with a web browser to give and gain access to any lock retrofitted with the FlashLock system. Users can grant one-time or multi-use access. There is no app to download and no Bluetooth to pair.


Booth 2573
FlashLock padlock

The keyless FlashLock padlock uses serial optical communication technology combined with any hand-held device with a web browser to give and gain access quickly and easily. Users can grant one-time or repeated access with the ease of sending a text message. No app or Bluetooth is necessary.


Booth 2573
ValidiKey 2 vault

The ValidiKey 2 vault offers the benefits of a stand-alone server and communicator with secure CyberKey storage. Access is granted with an RFID card or keypad number entered on its LCD touch display, and can be combined with a PIN to ensure the highest security. CyberKey audits are downloaded when the key returns to the vault.



Booth 2241
HDCVI 3.0: The Analog-to-HD Industry Game Changer

The HDCVI 3/0 is a technology that breathes new life into aging analog video surveillance systems, bringing HD quality video and IP functionality to long distance transmissions over coax cable. Offering each of installation and economical pricing, HDCVI 3/0 offers exceptional value to the security industry by offering broad compatibility with a range of other technologies, higher resolutions including Ultra HD or 4K, and intelligent functions comparable to those available in IP systems.



Booth 1974
F4 Fence Controllers

The F4 Fence Controllers are equipped with the latest in reactive defense HV plus. The F41 and F42 are both equipped with the ability to elevate the level of deterrent in response to an attack on the perimeter fence while raising an alarm to ensure immediate response.



Booth 1974
Gallagher Class 5 End of Line Module (ELM)

This product protects the integrity of alarm sensor communications to an alarm panel for high security applications. In compliance with the AS/NZS 2201 intruder alarm standard, the Class 5 ELM surpasses traditional 3 to 4 state analogue monitoring supporting device authentication, encryption, and heart-beat monitoring.



Booth 1974
Gallagher Mobile Access

This product provides the ability to implement access control anywhere. It could be at a temporary door that doesn't have fixed access control, a construction site that has no infrastructure in place, or a bus transporting staff and contractors to or from a site. It's flexibility expands to the reach of security operations.



Booth 4037
Gibraltar M50 P1 Wedge Barrier (G-2000 Series)

This product is a reliable electro-mechanical wedge barrier. The barrier is currently undergoing 247 cycle testing and have more than 400,000 cycles with no parts replacement. Gibralter performed an underwater submersion test of 1,200+ cycles submerged as well.



Booth 2641
Hanwha Techwin America Samsung XRN-2011

The XRN-2011 NVR provides ultra-high quality 4K recording performance while minimizing storage and network requirements using H.265, H.264, and MJPEG compression. XRN-2011 supports H.265 recording and allows the simultaneous viewing of 32 cameras on a single UHD monitor or 16 cameras on dual monitors.



Booth 2641
Hanwha Techwin American's PNO-9080R

This camera delivers 4K performance with 12MP resolution. Its numerous features include the superior combination of H.265/H.264/MJPEG triple codec along with Hanwha's WiseStream technology to reduce bandwidth up to 75 percent. Additional features include 1020dVB WDE, simple focusing, defocus detection, on-board analytics, and SD recording.



Booth 3901
HID Trusted Tag Services—Guard Tour

HID Trusted Tag Services combine NFC technology and cloud-based authentication with partner IoT applications, enabling secure "proof of presence" for organizations to accurately record security checkpoints. The solution also enables security guards to instantly respond to and report fraudulent activities inside and outside of a building.



Booth 1811
DS-2DT2235 Series Dual Sensor, Day/Night Thermal Image Camera with Thermography

This camera represents a new level of protection for the most demanding security application. It delivers crisp, clean images in daytime scenes, excellent low-light performance at night, and zero light thermal images for a 24/7 video security solution.



Booth 2401
Honeywell Vector Occupant App

This app combines mobile devices with connected building features to enhance security, increase comfort control, and allow users to interact with the building. The app features digital identification, convenient access control, and one-click hot or cold calls. It helps managers deploy higher security mobile credentials and increase convenience at the same time. 



Booth 2878

CityEyes is a hyper-converged, all-in-one cloud and big data intelligent video surveillance solution. The key benefits are that it is easy to use and deploy, is a high-performance software platform that integrates many real-time video analytics, and has a low cost of ownership.



Booth 2878
IronYun Video Search

IronYun intelligent video search is based on machine learning technologies. The intelligence video search leverages advanced computer vision engines and emerging advanced deep learning algorithms to deliver a video search engine with unprecedented features and performance. IronYun is the first deep learning video search system for the video surveillance industry.



Booth 3869
Modular Compact Rugged NVR

THE DA-1000 is a highly versatile, energy-efficient and economical system that provides application flexibility and reliability in an ultra-compact and durable package that boasts an array of connectivity. A wide temperature rating, vibration resistance, and secure wide-input power capabilities also make the DA-10000 a great candidate for use in mobile or remote installations.



Booth 3601
Medeco XT Data Analytics

A game changer in audit trails analysis, the Medeco XT Data Analytics is a powerful tool build into XT Web Manager software. Easy-to-read graphics allow security administrators to quickly see access trends and spot potential problems within their facility. This time-saving feature eliminates searching through thousands of audit records.



Booth 2522
FLEX Switch

The FLEX24 is an enterprise-grade, long-reach-managed switch that delivers fast Ethernet and PoE++ over 1, 2, or 4 pair UTP with 1,640ft reach. FLEX supports long- and short-reach requirements, making IP migration simple, cost effective, and less disruptive.



Booth 1522
Pivot3 Edge Protect

Edge Protect is a hyper-converged SAN storage solution for mid-sized and remotely distributed surveillance applications. Edge Protect delivers enterprise-class capabilities in off-the-shelf x86 server hardware, enabling users to realize the benefits of highly efficient shared storage and built-in failover without the complexity or cost typically associated with infrastructure based on separate servers and SAN storage.



Booth 1357
RightCrowd Essentials

RightCrowd Essentials is software that enhances physical access control systems, delivering powerful enterprise-class workflow and compliance features. Designed specifically for SME businesses, Essentials "out-of-the-box" feature means remarkably quick implementation at very low cost. Modeled from RightCrowd's enterprise solutions, Essentials enables real-time continuous workflow assurance for safety, security, and compliance solutions.



Booth 1831
Spillman Ally

Spillman Ally draws on the company's more than 30 years of experience as a leading law enforcement software vendor and delivers to the security industry an integrated cloud-based software package with policing dispatch, workflow, and analytics capabilities.



Booth 943
A2000 Counter Drone Radar

Small drones present a new, hard to detect threat to critical infrastructure. The affordable A2000 radar brings to market technology that detects drones and other airborne targets far beyond any other commercially available technology in its class and works reliably during rain, fog, snow, or dust.



Booth 850
Stratfor Threat Lens

Threat Lens is a premium threat intelligence platform offering that cuts through the noise and gives security leaders the ability to identify, anticipate, measure, and mitigate risks to their people, assets, and interests around the world. The multilayered analytical framework evaluates both the immediate significance and future implications of evolving security events so that clients can anticipate threats and implement protective measures.



Booth 3719
SureID PIV-1

SureID PIV-1 is an end-to-end identity management solution that helps organizations verify who they can trust. The turnkey solution integrates with multiple business systems such as physical access control systems, logical control systems, and human resources information systems, and is interoperable with Web (SSL), OS (Windows), and enterprise standards.



Booth 2119
Verint Video Tracker

The Verint Video Tracker streamlines proactive video monitoring and allows users to realize increased efficiencies by making it easier and faster to monitor, identity, and take action against suspicious activities. The intelligent video tool helps users identify the most relevant data to elevate the effectiveness of a facility's organizational monitoring and response. The solution, which leverages advanced analytics to automate the tracking of an individual though a large number of camera views within a location or across sites, can be used in real-time or forensically to identify, evaluate, and respond to a security event.



Booth 1768

The Vismo-Alert wearable panic button is a personal alarm system that connects to smartphone devices over Bluetooth. The Vismo Alert overcomes that need for the user to unlock their device when activating the panic button, providing companies with a fast way to alert employees in the event of an emergency.



Booth 3819
WCCTV Body Worn Camera (Connect)

This camera delivers live transmission of video and audio on the move. The unit uses cellular technology (4G LTE with automatic fallback) to transmit live video and GPS location information from the wearer to control rooms and mobile devices, drastically improving situational awareness and safety.



Booth 3601
Yale Multifamily Solution

This solution is a single system for securing multi-family facilities. Featuring Yale Accentra cloud-based software and industry-leading locking hardware, it offers and easy, affordable solution for managing access for residents, guests, and staff, which helps increase security, convenience, and peace of mind.